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Gender Diversity Capability

Gender Diversity Capability (GeDiCap) follows the idea, that a company can become capable to cope with gender issues.

Content of the Wiki

This wiki represents the current discussion about GeDiCap. Therefore the following is provided:

  • description pages for base practices, which have been defined by experts after long discussions. Every base practise is represented as a category in the wiki, in order to allow to get an overview about all parts related to one base practice by using the category page of wiki.
  • discussion pages to discuss the base pratices, new developments or best practice examples
  • Hints for assessors for every base practice
  • Best Practice examples
  • Explanantion pages, explaining or defining Gender Diversity terms

The english edition of the wiki is structured as the German edition, but may contain other wordings, examples or discussions. The base practices should be kept identical between the German and the English edition.

Get involved

Every Gender Diversity representative, cousultant for gender diversity or gender researcher can participate as author in this wiki. As we got a lot of spam, authors must first get in contact to efF ( to get writing rights. The authors are asked to present theirself on the page GeDiCap Team. In principle all components of the wiki can be discussed and changed. Changing the structure requires the agreement of the efF board members.

The wiki-admins are allowed to remove pages and articles and changes can be cancelled, if needed. In the most cases the admins will inform the authors, if something will be or is removed. Typically the issues will be discussed before something is removed or deleted.

Structur according to the universal company model